Frequently Asked Questions

No. Unlike some types of magnetic fuel conditioners, the FuelBuddy is non-invasive - you don't cut the fuel line or make any modifications to the engine. You simply attach the FuelBuddy upstream of combustion and it goes to work.

FuelBuddy's unique shielding and shape protects and directs the magnetic field to where it will do the most good. It does carry a powerful magnetic field and care should be taken before installation to keep units clear of extremely sensitive instruments and magnetic media such as monitors, floppy disks, etc. Full instructions provide the correct installation of FuelBuddy and it is not fitted in close proximity to magnetically susceptible sensors (relays or solenoids). Electronic circuits will not be affected.

No. Combustion may be cleaner and accumulations of damaging deposits may be reduced but we recommend that you maintain the manufacturer's service schedule. Often, your overall warranty depends on observing this schedule and their maintenance will only enhance overall operation!

They are easily secured to the outside of the fuel line with self-cinching nylon strips. The powerful magnetic field will condition the fuel as it passes through the pipe. All common pipe material, metal or plastic is acceptable.

No. FuelBuddy is designed to work with engines that use unleaded fuels which are virtually all modern cars, trucks, motorcycles and most larger engines. They are not appropriate for small one and two-cycle motors such as lawnmowers and chainsaws.

By burning pre-conditioned fuel, you achieve a cleaner burn, reducing emissions. Good for the environment and extends the working life and efficiency of your catalytic converter - and they are expensive.

Your FuelBuddy is not going to double your mileage. It only helps to increase operational efficiency. Say you spent $20 per week on gas and get a 5% boost in efficiency. That would be like a rebate of $1 per week. Most of customers report savings of between 8-20% and most spend even more on fuel.

Please Note: The Fuel Buddy is powered by very strong Neodymium magnets, and should be kept away from anything that can be damaged by a magnetic field, such as computer disks and hard drives. Persons with pacemakers should not handle any strong magnetic components.